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Tyler and The Tribe on Live From the Backroom


He’s one of those “Good ol’ Boys” that likes to Rock ‘n’ Roll!  That’s what people could say about every member of the Tribe.  From counties that have a higher population of cows than people, members Heath Robinson, Jordan Owens, Tyler Jones and Colton Joe Smith lived the slow sizzle of life in the country growing up.  “You learn that throwing rocks at signs with a couple of buddies can be fun and sitting on a tailgate at night talking with a friend can’t be beat,” says Jones.  Or in the case of Tyler and the Tribe, sitting in a studio late at night.  This fantastic foursome found themselves recording on a project deep into East Texas nights at Jones’ house soon after they met.  After becoming friends, the rest is history and history looks a lot like good music.

The 2012 release “Rock On” took months to record but the band found it’s chemistry in the process.  “For Heath and I, the chemistry was there.  We’ve been in lots of bands and projects together so everything is just very natural.” Owens says of his friend.  Robinson claims, “It took a few jam-sessions to learn where everybody wanted to go as a whole.”  The album speaks for itself though and shows that the band definitely found it’s groove.   Late night recording sessions turned into late night show rehearsals as the guys quickly hit the road to play live all across multiple states in the region.

Fast forward less than thirteen months and the guys have re-entered the studio with a dozen new songs.  “It spans the boundaries of rock all the way to country music and everything in between.”  Says Smith.  World-class producer CJ Eiriksson led the month-long charge of capturing the Tribe’s electric vibes between the band’s touring schedule.   Smith continues, “We want people to feel love from this album.  We want it to be a positive influence everyday for our fans.”

The band still enjoys coming off of the road to the country life to unwind from time to time.  Back to the place where they learned hard work can pay off.  The place where good people become friends.  The place that Tyler and the Tribe was “BORN”.

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It’s Always Sunny in Floydada



Third Studio Album Hit The Shelves on August 5
NASHVILLE, Tenn.  – Sunny Sweeney is ready to talk, or rather sing, about it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly—on her new album PROVOKED, a 13-song sampling from the songstress American Songwriter raves as “a modern country music singer with a retro streak.” After her first two albums, Heartbreaker’s Hall of Fame and Concrete, this critically acclaimed Texas honky-tonker isn’t about to play coy now. Sweeney has teamed up with Thirty Tigers to release her third album on August 5, 2014.
“The album is a journey from nearly hitting bottom and losing everything personally to regaining my footing and being able to find not only my true self again, but real happiness,” Sweeney reveals.
The Texas native who is known for her honest, first-hand accounts comes to this album with new perspectives yet the same honest grit, resulting in new refreshing and vulnerable stories to tell.  “My fans recognize that this is something different, and they recognize that I’m writing about the truth. They’ve been through a lot with me, and they’ve seen me in both good places and bad, and the feedback I’m getting from them now is that they feel like this is the real me again.
The album embodies the same mix of toughness and vulnerability that appealed to so many fans of Sweeney’s first two albums, but with an added level of tested-by-fire resilience that deepens the music’s emotional resonance. The songs range from the heart-on-sleeve honesty of “My Bed,” “Uninvited” and “Sunday Dress” to the raucous barroom rave-ups of “You Don’t Know Your Husband” and “Everybody Else Can,” and follow Sweeney’s turbulent and unabashedly personal roller coaster ride from reckless abandon (“Bad Girl Phase”; co-written by Brandy Clark) to yearning (“Find Me”) to candid self-reflection (“Second Guessing”) to the bittersweet defeat (“Carolina on the Line”) to, finally, the healing embrace of happiness (“Used Cars”).
“I have been unbelievably blessed in my life, and I know that I owe a lot of that to my upbringing to the Northeast Texas community—a place I’m proud to call home. I hope that others will be inspired, or rather invoked, to also pay it forward.”

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Matt Hillyer joins us on Live From The Backroom

Matt Hillyer

Matt Hillyer, also known as “Matt the Cat” and as the leader of Dallas-based and beloved Honky-Tonk band Eleven Hundred Springs is, rather simply, an artist. Few artists stick to a single, narrow path as they wander, viewing things in a philosophically unique way than many non-artist types might.

With the release of Hillyer’s debut solo album, the Lloyd Maines-produced If These Bones Could Talk, we get to see a new side to Hillyer’s country-gold vision, but to be clear, his solo foray isn’t the end of Eleven Hundred Springs, which was formed in 1998, nor is it the death of the rockabilly-flavored Matt the Cat Trio. Hillyer as a solo artist with a fresh group of players, including some buddies from Eleven Hundred Springs, is merely a fascinating, new chapter to a musical life that’s never been conventional, and isn’t going to be anytime soon.

With 11 new songs, all written or co-written by HIllyer except for his rocking, stomping cover of the Everly Brothers’ classic the “Price of Love,” a rare occurrence has taken place. The leader of a popular, established band has branched out to go on a personal, musical vision quest, and has come back with a sound that satisfies on all levels. In some ways, These Old Bones resembles the stone-cold country of his band, but the new collection has increased the sonic value of everything he’s affiliated with, thanks to spreading his tattooed, whiskey-soaked wings a bit.
The notion for a solo record came from a wonderfully personal spot that’s as honest as it is meaningful to Hillyer.

Hillyer acknowledges the similarities between his past band-related works, but highlights the differences in a manner that’s clear with drama-free simplicity.“To me it always boils down to the material, he says. “I know there are songs on this album that I would not have put on an Eleven Hundred Springs album. Even the songs that would fit like a glove on an Eleven Hundred Springs album are, for the most part, rooted in very personal places. When the collection of these songs started to really come together it became apparent to me that the majority of them felt like something I was trying to say independent of a group.”


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Granger Smith Sweeps the Country in ‘If Money Didn’t Matter’ Video Premiere on Taste of Country


Granger Smith gives fans a backstage glimpse of what his live shows entail in his ‘If Money Didn’t Matter’ video. From the cold and snow of the mountains to late nights on the road, new fans and new venues, the clip finds the singer all over the U.S.
With the Lone Star State in the rear view mirror, Smith and his band roll across the country, selling out venues from coast to coast, which is something country fans seem to be pretty pleased about. You can literally feel the excitement from fans new and old in the clip.
Smith is growing in popularity as one of the hottest indie artists on the country music scene. The still-unsigned artist is making things happen with the help of his high-energy live shows and loyal fans, and the ‘If Money Didn’t Matter’ video gives viewers a backstage peek.
The video’s scenery is almost as beautiful as the sweet lyrics of the song about the simplicity of love and a dirt road driveway being enough for this man, and in between cities, Smith takes time to have a little fun with his band and enjoy what the country has to offer.
If you keep a close eye out, you’ll catch a cameo from Earl Dibbles, Jr., Smith’s alter-ego. The character — whose standard uniform is denim overalls — is popular with the rowdiest of country fans. Smith, on the other hand, typically dons a baseball cap and tee while performing in front of his fans.
‘If Money Didn’t Matter’ appears on Smith’s most recent album, ‘Dirt Road Driveway.’


uncle lucius

Uncle Lucius Live From The Backroom and FREE ALBUM Give A Way

uncle lucius

Austin-based Americana rock band Uncle Lucius released its most recent studio album, And You Are Me, on August 28, 2012.  Recorded in Austin and Nashville, And You Are Me finds Uncle Lucius stretching their musicianship and reeling in eleven songs that punch with a fullness reminiscent of The Doors to early Black Crowes. Uncle Lucius takes rock and roll from its deep roots, pushes it onward by putting their own honest interpretation of new rock sounds with elements of r&b and blues added. The band includes Kevin Galloway on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Mike Carpenter on lead guitar and vocals, Josh Greco on drums and percussion and Jon Grossman on lead vocals, and keys.

According to Galloway, Uncle Lucius will go back to the studio this fall to begin work on a new album set to release in early 2015.

The band continues to tour leading following the release of And You Are Me, and they pride their live show as a sacred and energetic experience, with a belief that this is still the truest form of communication with their fans.


Live at Grady’s 66 Pub was recorded in Yukon, OK on February 21, 2014. This 18 song live set was performed for a sold out crowd and features the radio hits “Keep The Wolves Away” and “Somewhere Else” from the band’s most recent studio album And You Are Me, as well as previously unreleased songs.

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Listen to new music from Uncle Lucius including “The Age of Reason” and “Nothing To Save” by clicking play below.